About Us

We found each other in 2004 while teaching in the Mississippi Delta. David was coping with how to merge the lawlessness of his recent bouts of wanderlust with a life of responsibility.  Rachel was dominating life as always with her brash magnetism.  Hard as he tried to fight it, Rachel’s magnet lured David in.  For Christmas 2005, he bought her a chihuahua.


In the summer of 2006, we moved in together and discovered that living in sin can be quite cozy.  The only house on an isolated block of trailer homes, our place was modest and serene.  In this first year of cohabitation, we fumbled softly until we eventually found our promissory yin and yang:  Rachel will keep David productive, David will keep Rachel relaxed.  During this time we also acquired a second chihuahua.


One day, while quietly strumming a guitar amongst the pit-pat of puppy paws and seductive aroma of Rachel’s cooking, David entertained the thought that maybe he should marry this bliss…

It took a few years, but in March of 2009, we eloped.  We drove to a tiny town in the Chihuahuan Desert and asked a guy named Ricky to google us some vows that would make our love legally binding.

By this time, we were living in a different house, in a different Delta town, and in a markedly more intense way of life.  Our professional passions and possibilities had emerged.  Rachel was on a rocket trajectory, poised to simultaneously conquer and elevate a national, educational non-profit.  Meanwhile, David–empowered by incredible opportunities and support within his new school district–gained a “sky is the limit” approach to teaching that helped his kids achieve results they could be proud of.

In supporting each other over these last seven years, we have uncovered in ourselves the fact that we are two distinctly passionate individuals.  We work hard for what we believe, and have the capacity to love what we do to a fault.  Like friggin’ prophets, we recognized the potential for our assorted passions to get misaligned and developed an emergency plan to keep The Passion of Us permanently fastened at the top of the priority list:


We are spending a year together.

No jobs.  No debt.  No distractions.

June to June, armed only with our backpacks and each other.

Hobos in love.

**above was written May 21, 2011**

In reality, our planned year turned into three years and a loving commitment to push boundaries towards our mutual fulfillment. As of 2015, we are still building the plane as it flies.

5 Responses to “About Us”

  1. marisa June 7, 2011 at 2:17 pm #

    are you kidding me?? this is beautiful amazing. the chihuahuan desert? and who’s the writer? i’m signing up, darnit. i knew i liked you, rachel, but this is just perfect. maybe you should come to new orleans on one of your adventures:-)

    • Rachel June 8, 2011 at 1:30 pm #

      Hey Marisa!
      We should come to New Orleans- and we are! We will be bringing some kids to look at Tulane and Xavier in the spring. I’ll keep you posted on the exact dates, because I would love to see you and catch up!

  2. Vicki Willits January 14, 2012 at 3:01 pm #

    hey Rachel – huge congratulations on achieving your goal of hiking the AT – hope you are enjoying life with central air and other mod cons and looking forward to your next adventures! 🙂 I have loved reading your blog which I found through a friend. It was inspirational and really helpful. Scott my husband and I will be hiking the AT this year from south to north starting in March – so very excited and very apprehensive! He just retired from the USAF after 23 years and I recently graduated from uni with a masters in wildlife management and conservation. Hiking the trail has been an ambition of his for well over a decade and after meeting him over seven years ago (we have been married seven years in march) one of mine too. So now is the time to do it and induldge in our wanderlust – it will be us two and our two retrievers Mojo and Skye. I was wondering if after your experience you would be willing to share with us some of your experience – the dos and don’ts of what to pack and kit – what you wish you had and did not or what you took and wished you had not!! We would be really appreciative of any advice you can give us – thank you and Happy New Year and good luck with whatever journey / adventure you go for next. Vicki the Brit x

  3. Kierra April 10, 2012 at 1:01 pm #

    Thollie && I(Kierra) were just looking at this . . . .

  4. Josie Quintrell September 24, 2012 at 10:35 am #

    Hi! Emma loved that you included her in your post. Can’t find your email but mine is jquintrell@comcast.net. Emma’s is emmwood22@gmail.co

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