126 Days Later…

1 Apr

There was a lot of variety in the last 500kms of our walk.

We walked long, open ridges. (Look carefully to see the trail stretching down the ridge behind me, around the hillside and over the next ridge.)

We walked through marshy clearings.

We appreciated the commentary on the trail and community that we found in the hut books.

We had the pleasure of muddy forests.

And, we passed through planted forests and farmlands.

We met Darrell, who allowed us to sleep in his barn and gave us cupcakes, bananas, oranges and apples from his trees.

We walked along an old water race that condensed 23kms of trail into what should have been 8. (A water race is basically a ditch that carried water to nearby mining operations.)

We stopped by Martin’s Hut that was built in 1905. I considered making it my homestead, but was dissuaded by the mud.

We cruised along the beach.

Camping along the Tasman Sea, we awoke to the most stunning sunrise of the trek. On our 7-year anniversary, no less!

We walked some more state highway.

We passed the 3000km mark just as we entered the last seven kilometers of track.

 And, then we were there. 3007 trail kilometers from Cape Reinga and 126 days later, we finally arrived at the sign marking the southern terminus of Te Araroa!

To add to the celebration, Zach and Amy (whom we hadn’t seen in weeks and had finished just a day earlier) were waiting there for us with a bottle of champagne ready to celebrate our collective achievement and lure us into another six day tramp starting the next day … But that’s a story for another time.

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  1. wigwams55 April 3, 2016 at 1:57 am #

    Congratulations guys and thank you for sharing your adventure, it was great to follow the up and down of your journey

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