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What the Tussock?

29 Mar

After all those rivers, walking through the chest high tussock, along cycle trails and next to lakes was a welcome reprieve. Oh yeah, and it didn’t hurt that we passed the 2500km mark.

There are several lakes fed by glacial run-off along the Te Araoa. We caught an initial glimpse of the turquoise waters of Lake Tekapo from an open ridgeline. Then, we got to walk along the shores of several more over the next few days.

From the end of Lake Pukaki, we were able to see Aoraki/Mt. Cook looming high above the other peaks in the distance. Aoraki/Mt. Cook is the highest mountain in New Zealand.

And, from the top of Breast Hill overlooking Lake Hawea we could see Mt. Aspiring- the pointiest peak on the left.

The climb and descent from Breast Hill kicked off the last 500 kilometers right. Both the climb and the descent had us wondering at times where the track could possibly be going. 3000feet of descent over three miles is no joke, especially along an exposed ridgeline.


It hasn’t all been steep ascents and descents. As we cruised along this road/cycle route with Amy and Zach, we came upon Telegraph Hut. This tiny but amazing guy is built for two, but it was so windy that the four of us made ourselves nice and cozy inside. This was by far one of David and I’s favorite huts.

Even though we were nearing the end- just 300 miles left- the trail was still giving us challenges and an amazing rewards.

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