Odds and Ends

17 Feb

Throughout New Zealand, we’ve seen several signs and sights that we appreciated but that didn’t necessarily fit in any particular blog post. We’d like to share a few of these odds and ends now.

From all the signs we’ve seen, it seems like house fires started by cooking incidents is a real issue here.


These kids were skateboarding over and over down a steep residential road. A fourth guy was driving a car down the hill behind them and filming their runs. It all seemed very safe.



This photo was taken inside a hut! Why are they monitoring rats in a hut? Is this attracting more rats? Who wants to sleep here after learning rats are hanging around the hut?


As a Hoosier, I couldn’t resist taking a picture of this moonshine we saw in a liquor store. I’ve never heard anyone talk about Indiana moonshine, but maybe these Kiwis know something I don’t about my home state.


“Couldn’t get you a pony for your birthday, honey, but we got you the next best thing!”


We’ve seen lots of fancy shaped mailboxes- a giraffe, a campervan, a ladybug. This camera is by far the most elaborate and detailed.

A great thing about NZ, (to us hikers, anyways), is that there are public toliets all over the place. Some of them are standard looking public toliets, some are cheeky, others are spiritual.


David is always spotting rocks shaped like hearts, but this time he spotted a heart-shaped cloud.



WTF. I want this on a t-shirt.


Very comforting! This was posted on a popular bridge over a deep and rocky river gorge. It didnt seem to stop anyone from leaning on the handrail.


What is the stick figure in this picture doing? Why isn’t he running? Did he just karate chop that tree? Thankfully, it was calm the day we walked through this forest.

We’ve been there. Though it never feels like it when we leave town with 20 pounds of food.


Rural graffiti. Possibly lamenting the ratio of pig to sheep in NZ farms.

We are currently in Methven, NZ, about 75% complete. It is a bit stormy in the mountains today, so we’re hiding out in a hotel today. These signs in the hotel’s restaurant were like magnets to my sensibilities.

And, there are a million more little stories to tell! Just get us drunk next time you see us.

Take care. We love you!

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